Beat the Monday Blues

When you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life. That’s the truth, and that’s what we stand for. Dreading Monday just isn’t cool, we know that nobody likes to hear their alarm buzzing in their ear at the crack of dawn, but if you’re actually dreading going into work, you might be in the wrong job!

Does the start of your workweek trigger overwhelming feelings of anxiety, sadness, or stress? Do you lack passion and motivation on Monday morning? Are you sluggish or tense? If you’re nodding affirmatively, you might have a case of the Monday Blues.

The ‘Monday Blues’ describe a set of negative emotions that many people get at the beginning of the workweek if they’re not happy at work. It contains elements of depression, tiredness, hopelessness and a sense that work is unpleasant but unavoidable. The Monday Blues are so prevalent that they have become a cultural phenomenon and this makes it easy to laugh them off as ‘just the way things are.’ But they can be much more than just a passing tiredness; they are often a serious warning sign that something is not right at work. If you were happy, you’d be excited and energized on Mondays, not tired and depressed.

If you love your job and are passionate about what you’re doing, going into work Monday morning is another opportunity to do what you love. But if you’re feeling under-appreciated or unsatisfied with your job, it can be especially difficult to start another seemingly endless workweek. As it turns out, your case of the Mondays can have a negative impact on your performance and productivity—as well as the people around you.

We know from countless studies in psychology and neurology that your current emotional state has a huge effect on the quality of your work and when you’re feeling blue you are less productive, less motivated, more pessimistic, less creative, less engaged and learn more slowly–just to mention a few effects.

Monday Blues are contagious. Your stress or bad mood can drastically change the overall work environment. everyone’s productivity is affected by your Monday Blues. When you’re unhappy at work, it makes it very difficult for those around you to be happy, and oftentimes just one worker with a case of the Mondays can spread the doldrums to the whole team.

One thing everyone wants to know about is how successful people start their day. But a Monday isn’t just like any other day. It’s definitely a little different. Monday is the start to your week, it sets the tone for your week, month, and year. It’s the jumping off point for everything you want to achieve. If you don’t love Monday’s, you’re doing something wrong.

Identify the problem

The first thing to do is to ask yourself what’s wrong. If you have the Monday Blues most weeks, then this is not something you should laugh off or just live with. It’s a significant sign that you are unhappy at work and you need to fix it or move on and find another job.

Make a list of the things that are bringing you down in your job. “Maybe it’s a negative co-worker or a meeting with your boss first thing on Monday morning, or maybe it’s that you don’t feel challenged–or maybe it’s all of the above. In either case, clarifying what is bothering you can help you try to be active in finding solutions. It’s a way of empowering you to take charge and try to improve the situation.

If you only suffer the occasional bout of mild Monday Blues, then you can do some things to successfully cheer yourself and others upon an otherwise dreary Monday.

A fresh start

Mondays are the best days to get back on track with that healthy eating plan, exercise regime or even attempting new goals at work.

It is fair to say we are all a lot more determined at the start of the week than we are by Thursday afternoon when we cave and hunt down the biscuits at work. Successful women know that if they’re dreading going into work there must be a cause, and they have to figure out what it is and change it. Whether it’s the job they’re in, or something more specific. Bringing negativity in your workplace will never change your mindset!

Another chance to change the world

Monday is a reminder to many that you are here, healthy and have the chance to make an impact on the world. Even if it’s in your own small way.

Many people groan at the thought of facing Monday. They see it as a negative because it marks the end of the weekend. Change this mindset and be excited about what the next week has to offer!  Think positive and you can achieve anything!

This is the most productive day of the week

Research shows that over a third of us do our best work on a Monday. In fact, most of us apparently do our best work on a Monday morning! So embrace today, get your head down and start plowing through that to do list! That way less will be stressing you out by the end of the week.

A day for resetting!

Trying to lose a few more pounds for an event or tone up? Then start today. Research confirms dieters will have greater long-term success if they use Monday as a ‘reset’ day to get back on track after an indulgent weekend. Pass the salad! Because in reality, who can handle anything but a salad after a weekend on the binge?

Prepare for Monday on Friday

Mondays can be extra stressful from work that has potentially piled up from the previous week and, for many, can be challenging to jump right back in.

To help combat that Monday morning anxiety, be sure to leave yourself as few dreadful tasks as possible on Friday afternoon. By taking care of the things you least want to handle at the end of one work week, you’re making the start of the next that much better.

If you do have any unpleasant tasks awaiting your attention Monday morning, get them done as early as possible so that you don’t spend the rest of the day procrastinating or “feeling as if there’s a black cloud hanging over your head. Make that uncomfortable phone call, resolve that outstanding issue, or clean up that mess that’s waiting for you. You’ll feel a lot better once it’s over.

You’ll also want to make sure your calendar is up to date and synched, and you have a good view of and handle on your upcoming work week–especially Monday. What do you need to prepare for and get organized with? Get it done Friday, or by Sunday, if possible.

Make a list of the things you’re excited about

We often look at the week ahead of us and think of all the tough stuff we have to do and the difficult tasks ahead of us. Turn that around. Sunday evening, make a list of three things you look forward to at work that week. This might put you in a more positive mood. If you can’t think of three things you look forward to, that might be an indication that you need to make some changes.

Unplug for the weekend

If possible, try to avoid checking work e-mail or voicemail over the weekend, especially if you’re not going to respond until Monday anyway. It can be tempting to know what’s waiting for you, but drawing clearly defined boundaries between work and personal time can help keep things in check. When you leave the office on Friday, leave your office problems there and focus on enjoying your time off. Sometimes going back to work on Monday feels especially frustrating because you let it creep into your off-time, and so it never even feels like you had a weekend at all.

Get enough sleep and wake up early

Go to bed a little early on Sunday night and be sure to get enough sleep so that you wake up feeling well-rested. If you’re only running on a couple of hours of sleep, it’s unlikely that you’re going to feel good about going anywhere when the alarm goes off Monday morning.

Although it might seem counter-intuitive, waking up an extra 15 to 30 minutes early on Monday morning can actually make going back to the office easier. Having a little more ‘me time’ instead of feeling like you’re trapped in a time crunch can make that transition a little easier. Taking the time to enjoy a healthy breakfast, do some exercises, or take the dog for a walk can help you feel more centered for the rest of the day, and can help you remember that you’re not a robot who just sleeps and works.

Dress for success

Dress up, perk up and show up ready to be positive and help others be positive. Be the light and energy that makes others have a better day. Show and share your spirit, charisma, and vibe and make yourself magnetic. Use Monday as the day to wear your favorite new outfit. This can help build your confidence around the office and might get you a few compliments from co-workers.

When you look good, you feel good. Feeling good about yourself is half of the battle on Monday mornings, because rather than being deflated by work you want to face it with confidence.

Be positive

Start the week out with an attitude of gratitude. Take time to recognize and appreciate the things that you enjoy about work. This starts before you even get to work. To pump yourself up on your way into work, try listening to your favorite songs. Think about the type of playlist you would create for a workout, and incorporate that same upbeat, high-energy music into your morning preparation or commute.

When you get to the office, do your best not to be a complainer–and keep your Monday morning grumpiness to yourself. In the same vein, don’t listen to other people’s Monday gripes. Creating or contributing to a culture of complaining is no way to improve your attitude.

You must make a decision to turn negative reluctance and dread into a positive, productive and excited welcome to Monday energy. Start with Friday and make sure your desk is organized, and your work to-do list is ready to go for the following week. Take Sunday to rest, review and reward, but plan for and get ready to leap into Monday.

If you’re able to be a source of positivity in the workplace, not only will you make your day more enjoyable, but you’ll also make the work environment better for those around you.

Keep your Monday schedule light

Knowing that Mondays are traditionally busy days at the office, a good strategy keeps you Monday schedule as clear as possible. When you’re planning meetings ahead, try to schedule them for Tuesdays and Wednesdays. This will help you to come into Monday with more ease from the weekend.

Instead of tackling the biggest and most complicated tasks early on Monday, take some time for easier, more routine stuff. This might get you up and running and give you the energy for the hairier tasks.

But beware: If you have too much free time—you’ll sit around “feeling blue,” Shane says.

Have fun at work

Take it upon yourself to do things that you enjoy in the office on Monday. Maybe bring donuts to your colleagues or take a quick break to catch up with a friend in the office. Sharing stories about the weekend with co-workers can be fun and also is a great way to strengthen your interoffice network.

Schedule a weekly Monday coffee break or lunch with a friend. Create an event that you will look forward to on Mondays as a way to break up the day with some known positivity.  At the very least, it gives you a chance to take a deep breath, talk with a friend, and regroup for the rest of the day.

Have a post-work plan

Your day shouldn’t just be about trudging through Monday to get it over with, but about looking forward to something. By making Monday a special day where you get to go out with friends, make your favorite dinner, or eat a bowl of popcorn and catch up on a TV show you recorded, the day doesn’t have to be all about getting up to go into the office.

Sleep but don’t snooze

So it turns out that lost sleep is much harder than first thought to catch up on. So beat your tiredness at its own game but getting an early night on Sunday. When your alarm goes off in the morning don’t hit snooze though! Repeatedly hitting snooze gives both your brain and body ‘false starts’ and you’ll end up starting the day feeling groggy. I’ve disabled my snooze button now and I just get up and go, which makes me feel so much more energized!

Hit the ground running

I know you don’t want work to cut into your weekends – weekends are your time to relax and recharge. However, one of the major causes of stress and anxiety is not having enough time on Monday morning. So to make your Mondays better, devote a little bit of time on Sunday to get everything ready to go. Trust me, this extra time will give you the best possible start! Lay out your clothes the night before and make sure your handbag is packed with everything you need. Charge up your devices and, if you meal prep on weekends make sure you’ve got lunch ready for Monday. Doing all of this on Sunday and not on Monday morning will make your morning much easier and smoother.

Make Mondays your favorite day

Get to organize your own schedule? First of all #winning and second of all, dedicate your Mondays to your favorite work tasks. If you’re a true Career Girl you should actually look forward to it. Change your mindset, change your life! When you feel those negative thoughts creeping in, simply look for a positive spin, embrace happiness and it will make all the difference.

Factor in the fun

Mondays are usually the day when we embark on something – whether it’s a new work project or a grueling workout regimen. So buck the trend. Instead, start your day with a leisurely walk through the park or grab your favorite burger for lunch instead of celery sticks and hummus. Make Monday your cheat meal day! If you are trying to lose weight or stay healthy, make Monday night your night for watching your favorite shows (I hear Girlboss and Riverdale are super juicy and addictive!). Make Monday night your night when you Netflix and chill!

Love what you do

Loving Monday starts with loving what you do. Mindset! I keep banging on about it but it’s the first step in making this your best year yet. Let’s say you aren’t doing your dream job at the moment, and you just hate waking up in the morning. It happens, we know. If that’s true, it’s time to change. Start looking for jobs you’d enjoy, or start thinking of ways you can change your attitude to work.

If there’s a difficult colleague or tasks that give you no satisfaction, address it. The go-getters of the world are the ones who get promotions just from tackling their issues head on! Make moves to love what you do and you’ll never dread Monday.

Supercharge your week

Take charge of your week, you feel unsatisfied if you don’t feel in control. Take back your week and supercharge it by planning things after work. Your day doesn’t begin and end with work, be honest with yourself – what else can you make time for? I love my mid-week workouts because I get to catch up with my friends. I also make sure I’m busy most weekends, and I never say no to after-work activities, even in the middle of the week. Yes, it means you’re a bit more tired when you hit the pillow but you feel more fulfilled.

Find out your why

What’s your why? The reason you’re doing the job you’re doing, the reason you have certain passions? At work, ask your manager if there are particular reasons behind the goals you’ve been set, so you can get a better view of the bigger picture. Don’t be afraid to ask your boss or manager what their goals are, explain that it helps you to feel more connected to what you’re doing. Overall, doing tasks that you can track the outcome of will make you feel so much better about your job, and about work days in general. In your personal life, find your way, too. What’s your goal? What tasks are you trying to accomplish? Can you set yourself a goal for after work on Monday?

Make your Sunday night count

Sunday night is my favorite night of the week. I can get all my sh*t together, lay out my clothes, write my pre-Monday to-do list and get excited to start ticking stuff off my list. For me, Monday is a serious day. We have meetings, analyze things, and have thousands of things to do. It could get overwhelming, but on Sunday, I make my plan and I stick to it. Of course, throughout the day I do fun things and make time for my friends. But when it comes to the evening, I dread nothing, because I know I’ve got my plan!

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