How to Find or Build Your Dream Career

Raise your hand if your parents or a high school guidance counselor ever told you that you can be whatever you want. Anything at all. Just take your pick!

Awesome, right? What a lovely, encouraging message.  😉

Only it didn’t work out quite like that. Only you weren’t told how to figure out what you want. Only you weren’t told…

  • how to fully explore all sides of your personality
  • how to take into account all of your preferences and talents
  • how to separate your real wants from those voices in your head that were telling you what you should want
  • how to look for possibilities beyond that list of majors in that particular catalog
  • how it’s possible to enjoy your work and make a living
  • how it’s ok to want it all
  • how to get it all

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Clever Camping Hacks

Camping is a classic summertime activity, and it’s a great way to spend quality time with your family enjoying the outdoors. But there’s no denying that camping does take quite a lot of planning and energy, depending on where you live and how big your family is! But there are plenty of ways to make camping easier, less stressful, and therefore more fun! And you don’t have to spend a fortune on fancy camping gear or equipment to do it. Continue reading “Clever Camping Hacks”

Challenge: No Spending/Money Month (Food and Clothes)

In the last 2 months, I have only bought a shirt and a pair flats. I am going to try and stick it out to not buy any other item for another month. But before and after Ramadan, I had issues with spending on food. I need to really just focus on that at the moment. I normally bring my own lunch from home but what has been happening for a month or 2 before Ramadan is that I would buy breakfast from outside. After Ramadan, I am on jury duty, Monday to Thursday, most likely until first week of July, and I have been eating out for lunch. I need to get back on my grind and bring food from home. Continue reading “Challenge: No Spending/Money Month (Food and Clothes)”


Traveling is always fun but recovering from the trips are a different story.

Flying to far-flung corners of the globe can be incredibly exciting, but once jet lag hits mid-dinner, all you want to do is to pass out in your noodle bowl. The worst cases of jet lag can make you feel seriously ill—with symptoms ranging from fatigue and insomnia to headaches, nausea, and lack of appetite. Since no one wants to feel so unwell on their first day of vacation (or even worse, on their first day back to work), efficient jet lag remedies are essential to retain a certain level of well-being on long-haul trips. Continue reading “HOW TO RECOVER AFTER A LONG FLIGHT”


One thing I see a lot of new bloggers struggling with is consistency. This usually isn’t the case on one particular platform but across the board. Instagram is the easiest platform to keep up with because it hardly requires effort. However, the blog is an entirely different story – it’s so much more involved and time consuming. That’s not to say it should be neglected though. As you can see, my blog still gets the same amount of attention as it did in the very beginning. I strongly feel that it would be a mistake to completely forgo the blog and rely solely on Instagram. Continue reading “HOW TO CREATE A CONTENT CALENDAR”

Get your Profile to the Top of LinkedIn’s Search (Resulting in more Views)

“Keywords” are the key to being found on LinkedIn for career opportunities. You need to ensure these words are in your profile, since they will make your profile resonate with your target audience. These keywords will be used by hiring managers, recruiters or potential clients in their LinkedIn searches to find candidates like you. If you don’t have the right keywords in your profile, you won’t come up in their search results. Continue reading “Get your Profile to the Top of LinkedIn’s Search (Resulting in more Views)”

Ageism Still a ‘Major’ Problem in Workforce

Agism is the last bastion of prejudice in the North American workforce. It’s rarely blatant – that’s illegal – but many employers send subtle but clear messages to older workers that they’re not wanted. And at a time when the generation that still dominates the workforce – KAA-Boomers – are now mostly over 50, that’s not a wise business decision. Continue reading “Ageism Still a ‘Major’ Problem in Workforce”

How to Be Yourself in a World That Wants to Change You

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”― Ralph Waldo Emerson

When I’m in a room full of strangers, I never really know how to interact. I listen more than talk, and I overanalyze every movement, word, and thought a hundred times in my head before I react to my surroundings. Just writing that sentence made me feel exhausted; however, this happens more often than I would like to admit. Continue reading “How to Be Yourself in a World That Wants to Change You”

How (And Why) To Throw A Zero-Waste Party

I’ll never forget my grandma’s dinner parties. How she’d take out her patterned cloth napkins from her “special occasion drawer” and unfold them neatly on the table. She had an entire cupboard of crystal glasses, bowls, and cutlery and would ask me to set the table with her floral cotton tablecloth. I remember feeling so fancy drinking orange juice from those glistening crystal cups. Continue reading “How (And Why) To Throw A Zero-Waste Party”