Deal with Job Search FOMO

A recent study on the subject defined it as:

…‘‘the uneasy and sometimes all-consuming feeling that you’re missing out – that your peers are doing, in the know about, or in possession of more or something better than you’’. Under this framing of FoMO, nearly three quarters of young adults reported they experienced the phenomenon.

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Secrets to Staying Happy at Work

A lot of us love our jobs — at first. But as time goes on, it’s natural to be less and less happy.

Happiness is a nebulous concept. For many, of course, happiness is about notbeing at work, especially when there’s the World Cup to get excited about. But, given that we all – or at least most of us – accept the necessity to work to live, what do you need in a job to make you happy?

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Don’t Ignore These Red Flags In A New Relationship

When you’re dating someone new, all the excitement and butterflies can mean that you might miss troubling behavior that would have you tell a friend in the same situation to break up, now. Whether that behavior indicates potential abuse in the future or simply incompatibility, it’s best to be able to recognize red flags so you can take action.

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Tips for Beginner Hikers

I did hike once a long time ago. But I don’t know if those tracks where considered a proper hiking. I’ll call it one for now, I guess. But I need to do it in current time and age. The only proper gear I had one was the foot gear though. At the moment, I am mentally and clothing wise prepared. Now I need every other part of me to be prepared.

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Everything You Need to Understand About Underemployment

When I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Business Management back in 2015, I was most concerned about not finding a job at all. I was so worried about unemployment that I didn’t realize I might face another problem entirely: underemployment. 

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Damaging Effects of Micromanagement

Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship, whether professionally or personally and when it’s broken, it is extremely hard to repair. I once had a supervisor if I was over one minute on my lunchtime, she would send an email to remind me of my lunch hours, even though most of the time I never took my full lunch hour. I couldn’t even send an email without her approving it first. She was so inflexible that it was overbearing. I couldn’t trust her. When employees feel they can’t trust their boss, they feel unsafe, like no one has their back, and then spend more energy on survival than performing at their job.

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You may have read several posts about hair before on my blog. But hair is a major issue for many woman.

Every time I brush it, it seems like I’m pulling out half of the strands on my brush! And don’t get me started on the volume of shedding that accumulates around our home… Fortunately, I’m learning that I’m not alone. And if you can relate, then you aren’t either. I’ve been trying a few different things with my hair. It is still a trial end error and I did a post previously which can be read here. Still doing it.

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Literacy Issues in the Unit​e​​d States

If you are reading this, then by definition you don’t have a problem that more than 20 percent of the adults in the nation’s capital struggle with every day: illiteracy. 

The United States is facing a literacy crisis. Yes, crisis. It isn’t new, but its impacts upon our kids, our economy, and our society are far-reaching and expanding. How bad is it? Take a look at some numbers.

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Easy Ways To Invest In Yourself Right Now

There’s a common misconception that investing in yourself requires a lot of money, spare time, and a pack of solid gold face masks (maybe that last one is just me?). Investing in yourself sounds like something you do when you’re living the life of luxury already, having hustled your head off in your younger years, but it absolutely isn’t. Investing in yourself is simply choosing to honor yourself, to give yourself the time and attention you deserve, and furthering yourself so that the next few weeks, months, and years run smoothly.

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