Different Fashion Challenges to Mix Up Your Wardrobe & Save Money

Have you ever heard of a fashion challenge? They’re tasks that bloggers, fashionistas, or anyone sick and tired of their wardrobe can use to stretch new limits, try new trends, and make old items look new again.

When I first heard about fashion challenges, I loved the idea. It’s an amazing way to restyle the clothes you already have so you’re less likely to buy new ones. It’s perfect for those who are budget-conscious about fashion, and can help you rediscover old items in your wardrobe. In my case, a fashion challenge was the perfect way to clean out my closet. Continue reading “Different Fashion Challenges to Mix Up Your Wardrobe & Save Money”

Take Professionals Photos On Your Phone for Instagram and Blog

As you all know, Instagram and Blog revolves around high quality and well thought out photos.  The biggest downfall? The cost of expensive gear!  Lucky for us, smart phone camera abilities are improving with each new phone release making it easier than ever to take professional photos.  Now days, certain phone models have higher mega pixels than your average point and shoot camera!

Some of you reading this, aren’t photographers or maybe you are just getting started and aren’t ready to invest in a camera. These easy to follow tips will allow you to take professional photos with your phone. You might even surprise yourself! Continue reading “Take Professionals Photos On Your Phone for Instagram and Blog”

A Promotion Without A Raise? What to do?

An upgrade in your job title is a win for the long-term. I know – what is a promotion without a raise? In a previous job, I got hired because I knew them personally. I was never directly told about my title, but I knew as a I start working that I am there as the admin. After I graduate, I picked up much more work I normally wouldn’t do, which ended up making me the bookkeeping assistant. Continue reading “A Promotion Without A Raise? What to do?”

Purpose Of A Professional Image? Is it Necessary?

The image we portray sends an important message, as it influences how we feel about ourselves. Therefore, as soloists, we too need to consider our professional image and how to dress for success.Your image is everything when it comes to your life and business.  Consumers judge a business’s credibility, quality and level of professionalism by the way it presents itself to the public.

Yet I have known of business owners who are so busy focusing on other aspects of running their ventures that they have forgotten, underestimated or felt they didn’t have enough time or money to invest in possibly one of the most critical factors that contribute to the success of their business – its image and branding. Continue reading “Purpose Of A Professional Image? Is it Necessary?”

Dealing With Toxic Friends

As you navigate life, you may realize friends tend to come and go.

Sometimes you may drift apart which happens as interests and other circumstances change over time. In other cases, there may be a falling out. Whatever the case, relationships have a monumental impact on the state of your well being and your general overall happiness. As they say, who you choose to spend your time with, let’s you know who you are as a person. Continue reading “Dealing With Toxic Friends”

Freewrite Your Way Out of a Career Slump (Even if You’re Not a Writer)

Be intentional about writing and make it a part of your daily routine rather than a chore. I tend to do a lot of my writing in the evening/night because that is when I can think and write everything without stress. No stress of getting ready to go to work, someone waking up to get ready, or lack of sleep in general since I go to sleep really late at night. Some may prefer to write in the early morning, or want to go to the at a coffee shop, or at the library to write. The time and location do not matter as long as writing becomes a part of your daily schedule. Continue reading “Freewrite Your Way Out of a Career Slump (Even if You’re Not a Writer)”

How to to find fulfillment at work when you have lots of interests

Some of us are lucky to have the kind of career that encapsulates our passions, life purpose, personal essence, and technical skill set all in one sweet package—allowing us to exercise them simultaneously in one 40-ish hour gig.

Others of us are fortunate to have a professional job where our passions may not be infused within our work, but where we can utilize our technical skills and expand our knowledge in areas beyond our scope of experience and comfort…while also being able to pay our rent and buy a new handbag on occasion. Continue reading “How to to find fulfillment at work when you have lots of interests”